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Follow your dreams, they know the way!

Your subconscious knows so much more than you think. The ideas and beliefs we hold about the subconscious often does not do justice to the wisdom it holds!  We are told that about 95% of our everyday decisions are made by our subconscious, which shows us the enormous power that can be gifted to us if we truly accept that we are not the reason orientated beings that we like to believe! Tapping into the wisdom that your subconscious holds gives you the power to understand and then change what your life looks like right now. The usual models of our body and our world do not do justice to its meaning!

Use as yet undiscovered skills that are already present in you to multiply your potential and rediscover your ability to communicate with the subconscious:

Clear internal obstacles
Make the right choices in your life with confidence
Find clear and authentic answers to your important life questions
Develop effective self-healing powers
Find lasting success and happiness

Make this decision to help yourself!

Step One:

We will begin with a 4 day intensive seminar – online or in the classic way – that will help you to discover the skills that will bring you into Deep Dialog with your subconscious.  Immediately apply these skills in a variety of practical ways that will start to change your life.

Step Two:

Over the next 3 months you will receive continued individualised support that will help you to implement the skills you have discovered during the intensive seminar into your everyday life.  I will work closely with you to simplify the transition from theory to practice.  You will learn to unblock obstacles that are constantly presenting themselves during your day to day life and you will begin to experience greater ease and flow.

Step Three:

You will have access to all the relevant online course materials, including explanatory videos and visual aids as well as questions and answers. If you have any other specific questions you will have the possibility to get an answer by WhatsApp, E-Mail or Video.

Feedback from a client who recently attended the seminar:
I want to express my deepest respect and gratitude to you again for how you led the deep dialog seminar so mindfully, ensuring that the perfectly sized group remained coherent and individually supported throughout.  You are there for everyone, you are incredibly structured and you work through an incredible amount of content in a clear, orderly and understandable manner. I learnt a lot over the 4 days. You meet everyone up exactly where they are, without being too slow for some or too fast for others.
Thank you for using so much energy, apparently with everyone at the same time, you can feel exactly who is where, where it is … you feel how you can help everyone to make their next development step at their own pace.
Yes, I realized again today how incredibly great you are doing it and what a gift it is to have you as a teacher. I think that had to be said.

Feel comfortable in your skin!

Learn to find and resolve root causes

I accompany you on your journey showing you:

How to get in touch with your subconscious every second of your waking life.

How you can strengthen your trust in your intuition every day.

Which techniques are necessary to find your way back into communication naturally with your subconscious or your higher self.

How you can clearly relate your problems, fears, worries and sufferings to their causes and resolve them.

How this procedure can also help to overcome the causes of pain or to make important life decisions with inner certainty.

Adjust your subconscious mind to your goals.

Make limitations disappear.

Goal of the education

The training is designed so that you gain the knowledge, practical methods and the skills to implement the Deep Dialog technology confidently in your life. You should not be dependent on further courses afterwards. The goal is to show you your own path to self-healing and ease in life.

After the start with an intensive 4 day seminar
  • In the first few days after the seminar you will get help in everyday life to integrate the newly discovered skills into your life!
  • You will receive individual support and coaching to answer specific questions, help you to further develop your skills and remove any blockages that present themselves.
  • On demand access to the videos on all the relevant topics in your member account!
  • Whenever you have questions, either an already created answer video in your member account will help you or you can ask your question and you will receive a detailed answer – personally or as a video.

“Today I free myselffrom karmic beliefs and restrictive beliefs!

I have been an enthusiastic client of Gisela’s work! When she told me that there will soon be a course that will enable everyone to free their subconscious from restrictions,, I thought she was crazy. She offered to explain everything to me in one weekend. I was very amazed and many questions shot through my head. But then Gisela asked me “what if you really can free yourself from your subconscious restrictions after a single weekend” ?! I was thrilled with the idea – today I no longer book sessions, but I can free myself from my restrictive beliefs, from karmic beliefs and much more.”




After completing the training you can:

Let go of karmic baggage from past lives.

Dissolve mental obstacles including beliefs and much more, and clear your way!

Detach yourself from family karma, making it easier for you to take the path of your own life.

Clear the fog of questions and gain an overview of your own life.

What changes through the three month educational program?
  • The obstacles and questions that present themselves like a fog in your life will clear up and make room for a clear perspective that is always accessible.
  • You will find that you are happy and can make your life decisions with ease by removing blockages that are still in your way.
  • After these three days, you will adapt your subconscious to your goals and no longer your goals to the existing internal restrictions.
  • You will have the tools in hand and know the way to live fully in the voice of your heart and thus achieve a life full of fulfillment.
  • You will be able to recognize all the causes of your life challenges and resolve them yourself to feel comfortable in your skin again!
Voices from seminar participants

Feedback on changes in life since the intensive seminar:

“You are a great teacher and have helped me and many other people to open doors that we thought would be locked forever. This is the greatest gift there is!” K.T.
“The compact deep dialogue seminar quickly brought me to the essence of every symptomatology that could not have been achieved by conventional coping strategies, by the passage of time or an elaborate psychoanalysis.
Through the technology developed by Gisela, one comes to the origin of each blockage and can solve it by recognizing or identifying the underlying negative emotion. This does not make you a new person, but it makes you the person you are in your deepest essence.
Become who you truly are!

“I was initially skeptical about spending so much money on a long weekend … but I don’t regret a single cent. The seminar gave me a tool that I can use to help myself and others without being dependent on anyone. That gives me great inner freedom and I enjoy this independence. In addition, the seminar not only gives you this tool, but also the contact to very special people who become friends, companions and helpers – if you get stuck or are unsure.”

“In other people I can see the effect of my work even better and I am amazed at what happens: 40-year-old traumas that dissolve through a session (and thus have had difficulties getting up for years), a child who woke up 12 times during the night and suddenly slept until 4.30 a.m. after a session, too high blood pressure, which normalized … sore throat disappeared.It is a present!” A.R.

“I originally booked Gisela Kanne’s Deep Dialogue Seminar to learn more about the technique and method that Ms. Kanne has already successfully used with me, since I have already worked in an advisory / therapeutic context.
My goal at the time was to understand the method and apply it to myself.
Ms. Kanne taught us the technique she developed in a small group, the introduction of which is based on kinesiology. Already during the seminar there were great aha moments that confirmed to me how effective the method is and how great it is to be able to use this technique for yourself, but also for others.
I am very grateful to have discovered this wonderful method for myself through Gisela and since the seminar I have maintained an intensive exchange and contact with the other participants. This enables a constant exchange and opens up the possibility to develop more routine and safety in the application.”

“Since my deep dialog education, I have found more and more inner strength and feel more self esteem. Emerging “challenges” that arise through a situation or out of my perception of it, I can now quickly solve by myself. This has allowed the admission and trust in my intuition to develop very strongly and I am happy to be able to use this “miracle”-like energy work for me and for the benefit of my clients. Many thanks for this and for your constant and competent support.” A.K.
“Yesterday we sat in a circle after our practice meeting and talked about our experiences that deep dialogue allows us to have. That touched me so profoundly. It is such a blessing for me to be able to experience something like this. Gisela, it is your merit that we sit there together and that we can be so happy about these profound experiences and the resulting changes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.” K.T.
“During my apprenticeship with Gisela, I also treated my menstrual pain. It is gone and so it remained until today. There were several causes. The fact is: you can treat it away.” N.J.
“Thank you dear Gisela,
whatever the future may bring, I feel light and strong enough for it at the moment, and that is certainly thanks to deep dialog”
“Dear Gisela!
I would like to share two wonderful experiences with you:
The last two people I treated said:
“It is believed, if you experience yourself in your healing work, that you would never have done anything else” and “you have tracked down and worked on my life topics in the lightning-speed, which I have struggled with for decades”
  1. “1.I can read in soul plans now.
  2. 2.The people I work with suddenly say of their own accord that they absolutely want to pay for a session even though I haven’t communicated anything
  3. 3. With my colleague I came closer again and we hugged. Generally there is a very good atmosphere at work.
  4. 4… And I feel fulfilled and well without a relationship….
These are the many things that have changed positively so far.”

Hear the voice of your heart again

and follow her with joy and enthusiasm.

Stichworte, die meine Dienstleistung beschreiben:

Lebenssinn erkennen, Lebenszweck finden, Seelenerlebnisse als Einflüsse erkennen, frühere Leben, frühere Inkarnationen als Musterverstärkung, Auflösung von Emotionalen Blockaden, Hoʻoponopono, Erzengel-Arbeit, Leichtigkeit wiederentdecken, Entscheidungshilfe, Glaubenssätze verändern, Trauma-Energie auflösen, wiederkehrende Verhaltensmuster auflösen, Ursachen für wiederkehrenden Stresssituationen erkennen und auflösen

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