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Overcome Fear Of Water

Overcome fear of water

In Starnberg, last summer, there were one or two cases at the lake, where we watched in amazement as parents tried to make swimming fun for their children. I particularly remember a boy who fought back and forth, and the argument from his parents that swimming at school would be the next step would not stop him from staying in his remote-controlled car on the lake shore while everyone else was refreshing themselves in the cool lake. This was the first boy with whom I dared to ask deep dialog for his permission. I found heart walls to “panic before water”, traumas from previous lives to “drown” and stuck emotions leading to a “compulsion to do something in the eyes of others” that had  to dissolve. After about half an hour I couldn’t find anything to keep him away from the water, so I put the thought aside. More than an hour later I see how this boy had decided to slowly but steadily go down the stairs into the water and, after sliding in, made a relaxed, almost surprised face, as if he was asking himself “why do I have this great feeling l? long defended?”The mother just stood there speechless and couldn’t believe it. At that time I didn’t think I could write this down, but today there is more than one case where I have seen complete reluctance to water disappear or a persistent inability to learn to swim suddenly gave way to a breakthrough in swimming lessons, or water shy children give into the joy of jumping in.

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