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House of one’s own finally came true after a long search

The request was a bit special, but we decided to give it a try and in fact they now live in a nice home. They searched for a good two years and none of the homes they liked were within the affordable range or could actually be won with an offer. But after they fell in love with a property that had just come onto the market, they contacted me and we decided to work on it with some effort and several sessions. I found a lot about the inner obstacles of the two that kept them from believing that they deserve this home. There were also cursing energies, saboteurs, stuck emotions from “being rejected” and disappointment that I resolved. In addition, I was able to resolve karmic entanglements between the two clients and the person in charge in the bank. In the process of submitting the offer, sessions with other  people who were involved in the purchase process were also necessary. The participation of so many people made this task one of my most complex so far. Now one could argue that it was only a coincidence that they finally had success with this home of all things. But what is incredible about it and can hardly be explained in any other way is that despite offering a lower price than 2 other parties, they had their offer accepted by the vendor.  These are facts so incredible that we all cannot believe in coincidence.

Gisela Kanne


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