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Expectation That A Family Event Will Become A Gauntlet Run

Expectation that a family event will become a gauntlet run

A client recently came to me with a request to treat several family members for harmony regarding division of labor and mutual support before a family event. For this I looked at some common experiences with memory fields, traumas and cardiac walls and looked at topics such as “feeling exploited” and “having to hold out as a stopgap solution” for various family members and resolved the underlying issues. In the end, the family weekend started well, but one event caught the attention of a sibling, which set new challenges in motion! Suddenly, the normal, expected family event challenges were no longer in the foreground, but sibling jealousy and unacceptance became the top priority. These stuck emotions from previous experiences had created a conflict explosion and led to the conviction that “I am not important to my family”. We looked at this in two more sessions and then there was a reconciliation between my client and her mother that was so warm and not expected to happen so soon.


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