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In conversation with your soul

The deep dialog blog

Dear Reader,

I am Gisela Kanne and I would like to introduce you to the deep dialogue blog – a page about communication with our subconscious, higher self, soul dialogue, soul plan and the world of angels.

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I am very pleased that there is now a platform through which I can provide you with the latest information from my work as a companion on the way to deep dialogue with your soul. Via the blog you will receive valuable information on the areas of application of my method deep dialog, which I personally selected carefully and lovingly from my knowledge and experience, which is expanding daily.

Find new security and certainty residing in yourself

We live in a fast-moving time and often feel rushed. We usually believe that this is due to the external circumstances. What you feel, experience and think at the moment is not due to your job, your partner, your family, your children or any other external situation, but solely to your subconscious. Your life is a mirror of what is stored in your subconscious mind in terms of beliefs, emotions, self-images and other things. Accordingly, you are the sender of information. 

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about your thoughts and you create your own reality. This means that if clarity, calm, peace and happiness were paramount in your subconscious, all of this would also show up in your life.

With this blog I would like to show you in how many different life situations changing the perception of your subconscious patterns can make a difference as striking as the difference between day and night! My vision is to show all interested people how easy it is to recognize their subconscious structures and to transform them in a healing way. From this moment on it is possible to adapt your subconscious to your goals and visions instead of letting it happen the other way around. I hope that everyone can rediscover their potential to communicate with the subconscious and create the reality that corresponds to their own soul plan for this life. 

Desire to have children

I have recently met with six clients who specifically came to me with the desire…

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Defeat exam anxiety

After a long series of exams in which my client’s 13-year-old son had struggled with…

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Expectation that a family event will become a gauntlet run

A client recently came to me with a request to treat several family members for…

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Behavior of the son in the family

Events in family life affect our personality. The mother of a ten-year-old boy contacted me…

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Overcome fear of water

In Starnberg, last summer, there were one or two cases at the lake, where we…

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House of one’s own finally came true after a long search

The request was a bit special, but we decided to give it a try and…

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The dog’s growl turned into cuddling!

Two weeks after the start of the apprenticeship, a seminar participant treated family dog Emma…

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Blood cancer is no longer detectable even before chemotherapy begins

Shortly after the apprenticeship seminar, a participant was confronted with the terrible news that her…

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Fear of being seen

A client came to me with the topic that he wanted nothing more from his…

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Bullying from first grade and until your own child becomes enrolled

The mother of a 7 year old boy came see to me because her son…

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Who writes here?

Gisela Kanne, Companion to deep soul dialog. read more 

For the first time in my life, I no longer feel in search of the inner meaning, for a fulfilling and inspiring life’s work, and that is what I wholeheartedly wish everyone.


I only write a blog entry with a clear reference to a client after consultation and either with an exchanged name, profession and / or place of action. This also applies to entries about children. What I tell of my own children doesn’t really have to be their own story.See also Data Privacy Statement .

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