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Behavior Of The Son In The Family

Behavior of the son in the family

Events in family life affect our personality. The mother of a ten-year-old boy contacted me because after his sister was born, her son changed from a happy and satisfied child to a closed boy who lived in his fantasy world. In one session I was no longer able to be the only child in his trauma and also memory fields from previous lives in which it had had devastating effects to get, dissolve and put away a sibling. Furthermore, I could find out that he had given up his chance to live his life happily and with the level of exhilaration that he had originally intended, due to the changed conditions in the family.  This had solidified in a very complex heart wall that this life for him was hopeless. After this one session where we identified the blockages and dissolved them, a big change has occurred:

His presence in reality, in the here and now and the openness towards other family members was immediately noticeable for the parents and has persisted ever since.


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