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Selbstheilung aktivieren!

Follow your dreams, they know the way!

About me
Selbst-Heilung aktivieren!

To have sailed three years over the seas of the world with our family, fulfilled me with a unique certainty and ease (or peace), which I will most likely keep forever inside me and maybe will be able to hand on in parts. I learned to accept things the way they are and simultaneously found that I was able to go forward with life in a solution-oriented and pragmatic approach, without limiting beliefs.

In the years before this journey over the seas I completed a comprehensive education as a classical Shiatsu-therapist in Switzerland and acquired two education-degrees in Reiki. Additionally I participated in seminars for the communication with “angels“. These most likely were, without me realising this, the first steps of the development of my energetic work and my journey into my true self. More recently elements of Shin So, Seiki, Emotion Freedom Technic (EFT) and guided meditation began enriching my work further.

Since December 2017 all that I have learned and  discovered, has grown organically together into a new energetic work methodology, as if it was always meant to be that way. This in-depth energetic work reaches with an unknown effectivity much further than Shiatsu. I myself am surprised again and again, what fascinating findings (or insights or discoveries) are possible and what amazing effects on the soul and body can be achieved! The aim in this methodology is, to eliminate all energetic blockages that keep us from living a healthy life in it`s best version, and to seize the opportunity to feel our own magnificence.

For the first time in my life, I am no longer in search of inner meaning or of the most fulfilling and thrilling mission in my life, and that is what I wish for everyone from the depth of my heart.

The subconscious – my findings

Since my Shiatsu diploma in 2011 at the European Shiatsu Institute, I have integrated more and more tools and approaches into the original Shiatsu practice. In doing so, I encountered more and more unprocessed emotions, which came to the surface during the Shiatsu session with patients and could be resolved when I engaged them with loving care. This started my search for where, why and how. After a few years, the answers came together like pieces of a puzzle and resulted in a radical expansion of the possibilities.

In my view, it is fundamental to recognize that our subconscious controls 95% of our daily feelings, decisions and ultimately actions. Simply put, this subconscious knowledge encompasses all of our experiences and decisions and what we have felt. Much of it is of a deep psychological nature and exceeds the usual ideas of our earthly existence. Technically speaking, one can imagine a huge storage for information. On the other hand, the conscious portion of our actions, only comprises about 5% and in reality contributes extremely little to our life decisions, even though we emotionally assume the opposite.

The next, crucial finding will put some readers off, I am clear about this: our subconscious is even more powerful – it is obviously in constant connection with the morphogenetic field – which does not exist in the models of classical science.


This allows the subconscious to exchange information between individuals. On the one hand, this means that we all influence each other much more than we think. On the other hand, this connection also enables reliable work with clients who are not on site. Deep dialog clients experience that this actually works in every session.

The sky is always blue – behind the clouds – I see the blue and pay attention to it – I resonate with the resource

Akinobu Kishi

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